Monday, September 15, 2008

The Gun

Langan, Paul

The Gun

This is book six in the Bluford high series and takes place immediately after The Bully.  Where The Bully focused on Darrell, The Gun focuses on Tray and his response to the events in The Bully.

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Anonymous said...

tHiS WaS A VeRy gOoD BoOk I LikEd iT. tHiS OnE WaS KiNd Of bEtTeR ThAn tHe bUlLy bUT I GoT ThRoUgH bOtH Of tHeM.

ramon ibarra said...

okay this book follows the bully. after darrel kicked tyray coo-chi he gets mad and wants revenge. so he looks for a gun to try to get things back the way they were b-4 and when he gets it he stocks darrel after he gets out of work and powwwww. u wanna kno wat happen the pick up this book and read it. i rate it a 6
cuz at the end its messed up cuz its not wat u expect
it lame it sucked donkey a$$

Anonymous said...

I say that The Gun deserves a 10 because its an amazing book. The Gun is an amazing book because it leave off what happen in The Bully when Darrell and Tyray fight.In The Gun tyray looks for a gun so he can get revenge on Darrell Mercer. So i Rate The Gun as a 10 and The Bully so if you get a chance read The Bully. BY TYLER ROBERTSON

Unknown said...

Graham Smith
I rate the book The Gun a 7. This is a very interesting book up till the end. I think the ending is why I gave this book a 7 and not a 10. The book The Gun is about two high school students. Tyray gets mad at Darrell because Darrell beat him up because he had enough of Tyray mess. Then Tyray wants revenge on Darrell so he buys a gun. If you want to find out what happens next pick this book up and read it.

Unknown said...
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