Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Until We Meet Again

Schraff, Anne
Until We Meet Again

This summer was supposed to be different. With the school year over, Darcy Wills is looking forward to the best time of her life. But her plans are shattered by a series of unexpected events. First, horrible news threatens to rip her boyfriend Hakeem away. Then someone new enters her life, leaving Darcy in a world of confusion. Before the summer ends, Darcy will have to make choices that will change her life and her world forever.


Anonymous said...

I lIkEd tHiS OnE BeCAuSe ShE HaD LoSt hEr bOyFrIeNd aNd tHeN ShE
StArTeD To gO WiTh sOmEoNe eLsE BuT It tUrNeD OuT To bE gOoD AlSo Im StIlL rEadinG tHe OtHeR bOoKs buT I thInK IlL LiKe tHeM aS MuCh aS i ReAd ThE OtHeR ONeS

Mark Alford said...

O.K., two things to work on:

1. Leave a name! (you want extra credit, right?)
2. Um... capitalization issues? While I appreciate the effort it took to be so random in the upper case department, it makes it harder for people to read you review.

When you come back to leave your name, rate this book 1 - 10 (10 being great and 1 being waste of time). Then you can do the same for The Gun.

shiquesha perry said...

the book is about darcy met this boy after her boyfriend move to another town but the boy have some plans on his own but he was tried to rape her but her dad he came back in their life after disappeared for 14 years but she don't trust him at all but darcy soon learned the real meanining of real love because her boyfriend leave and brain tried to get his way with darcy but darcy isn't vulernable because darcy was the girlfriend of hakeem and they was the happiest couple before the problems come intheir relationship but this all start because darcy was babysit for brain sister daughter because they know each other for a long time but brain was make a move on darcy after hakeem leave but darcy had to make the decision to do what is right