Thursday, October 9, 2008

Search for Safety

Langan, John

Search for Safety
Bluford series

This is the thirteenth book of the Bluford series.  There is no escape for Ben McKee.  For weeks, he's covered the bruises on his body.  He's even lied to his teachers and new friends at Bluford High School.  But the trouble in Ben's house isn't going away.  and if he doesn't act soon, it could swallow him and his mother forever.

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shiquesha said...

the book search for safety by john langan is a very good book and the book is about domestic violence with ben mckee and his mother and his stepfather beat them constantly and ben was tranfer to another school bluford high school and his aunt fay is leaving and things are started to close on ben and he had no way out to survive but he did survive by going to school and tell the truth about what had happened at home and outside the home and ben was did the right thing by helping hisself and his mother by leaving larry his stepfather. i think that if anyone had to get abuse by their own parents or stepmother or stepfather they should following by listen to what others had to say