Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Langan, Paul


Genre: drama

Series: Bluford

There's no backing down for Lionel Shephard. With a dream of joining the NBA, all he wants to do at Bluford High is play basketball. But everyone's trying to stop him. His father thinks basketball is a waste of time; his teachers don't know he can barely read and threaten to fail him; and his dropout friend Jamar wants him to quit school. Unsure where to turn, Lionel must make a choice. Will he pursue his dream or get caught in a nightmare?


Anonymous said...

i liked the book schooled, because its something that caught my attention when i started reading the first page. One part i liekd was when he stepped up to a guy in basketball. 1-10 id give it a 8.5
if you like this one you might like the book Guns, or some other ones

Unknown said...

I did like this book it did keep me attached at times.So i would give this book a 6 it was okay. But i think anybody would enjoy this book.I love the Bluford series.