Monday, October 3, 2011

Witch and Wizard

Patterson, James
Charbonnet, Gabrielle

Witch and Wizard Manga Vol. 1

Genre: manga, horror, fantasy

Imagine you wake up and the world around you has changed in an instant. That's what he has happened to Whit Allgood and his sister Whisty. They went to sleep as normal teenagers, and woke up as wanted criminals; accused of holding incredible powers they'd never dreamed possible and no, just how different they are, even if just beginning to be revealed in a strange new world.


Anonymous said...

this book was so good i liked the book a lot i would like to read the next book!!

Anonymous said...

i like dhis book it was great. it hadf so many good action parts to it. it had to many parts were you were second guessing yourself whats gonna happend.