Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Small Thing

Ghent, Natalie

No Small Thing

Genre: drama, animal

Life hasn't been easy for Nathaniel and his two sisters, Queenie and Cid, ever since their father left them. Now living with their single mother, they all want something to make them the happy family they used to be. Then one day, Nathaniel, Cid and Queenie see an ad for a free horse in the newspaper. They can hardly believe it. However, they're hesitant to say anything to their mother because they're positive she won't let them keep it. Surprisingly, though, she says yes. The day finally comes for them to take their new horse, Smokey, home.

Having Smokey around makes the children feel happy again. They ride him, take care of him, and share many joyous times together. Then one day, a fire destroys the barn in which Smokey lives. Fortunately, the horse survives. But things get worse when the family is forced to sell their house and someone wants to buy Smokey. Will they be able to take Smokey to their new home, or will they become sad once again?

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