Thursday, February 4, 2010

Messed Up

Lynch, Janet Nicols 

Messed Up

Genre: drama

With his father out of the picture and his mom in prison, fifteen-year-old R. D. has been living with his grandmother and her boyfriend, Earl. He's been held back in school for skipping out or being on suspension, or maybe just for being Mexican-American, but, at heart R. D. is a good kid. Then, as if he hasn't had enough tough breaks, R. D.'s grandmother takes off with a new boyfriend and Earl unexpectedly dies. Heartbroken, but determined to stay out of a group home, R. D. takes charge of his own life. He keeps Earl's death a secret from his school and, for the first time ever, has an incentive to do his work and stay out of trouble. But how long can R. D. keep up the front?

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