Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love in the Corner Pocket

Marlene Perez

Love in the Corner Pocket

Genre: Romance

All’s fair in love and billiards.

At the pool table, Chloe is an expert. She can see all the angles, sink all her shots. But when it comes to love, she’s more of a novice—unlike her beautiful best friend Bridget, who plays to win.

But when Alex comes to town, he changes everything. Slick and confident, he makes Chloe feel things she’s never felt before, and he even beats her at pool. The trouble is, Bridget also has her sights set on him. Meanwhile, Chloe’s old friend, Theo, seems to want to be more than her pool partner.

When dealing with friendship and love, will Chloe be stuck behind the 8-ball? Or is this a game she can win?


indsey Cook said...

This book was a good book about a young girl who meets a guy that she likes but her friend likes him too. This book is called love in the corner pocket because the girl likes to play pool; its what she is good at because she's not that great when it comes to guys. i would give this book a 8 because it didnt take me very long to become very interested in reading it.

Anonymous said...

Brooke was here love in the corner pocket this was a very good book i read it two times i like reading stuff that has drama and love in it and if i could i would read the book again