Monday, May 13, 2013

The House of the Scorpion

Farmer, Nancy

The House of the Scorpion

Genre: action, science fiction

Matteo Alacran was not born; he was harvested. His DNA came from El Patron, lord of a country called Opium – a strip of poppy fields laying between the United States and what was once called Mexico. Matt’s first cell split and divided inside a Petri dish. Then he was placed in the womb of a cow, where he continued the miraculous journey from embryo to fetus to baby. He is a boy now, but most consider him a monster – except El Patron. El Patron loves Matt as he loves himself because Matt is himself.

As Matt struggles to understand his existence, a sinister cast of characters threatens him, including El Patron’s power hungry family. Escape is the only chance Matt has to survive, but a dangerous army of bodyguards surrounds him. Unfortunately, escape from the Alacran Estate is no guarantee of freedom because Matt is marked by his difference in ways he doesn’t even suspect.

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