Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Shelley, Mary

Adapted by Larry Weinberg


Genre: horror, science fiction

Victor Frankenstein wants to be the greatest scientist of all. He makes a giant monster out of dead bodies - and brings it to life! Victor knows he has made a mistake. But before he can fix it, the monster escapes! Everyone runs in fear. No one knows that the monster just wants to be loved. What happens when a monster can't get what he wants?

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Unknown said...

The Book Frankenstein Is A really good book. i Give this book a 10 is a book that is a fun one to read the monster is very interesting o learn about an how he is made.The cool thing about this book is the his creator name is Frankenstein an the creator thinks the monster is mean bu he is a really nice guy and no body likes him because the creator made him look like a ugly monster an the monster wans a family he watches family's that's how the monster learns how to talk because when he was made he was like a baby he didn't no how to talk or he didn't no anything really so the monster is sick of people thinking he is a bad person so he goes an kills most of his creators family the monster is just mad so he told the creator that he wants a wife to go live in the mountains with his wife so the creator starts making one the monster looking throw the window at him waching him make his wife an the creator thought he might make little kids an go killing every one an he killed his wife an the monster said he was going to come after him on his wedding night witch he did killed the creators wife and after that the creator chanced the monster out to a cold far away place so they both could d an he couldn't find him but he creator is fine an he hasn't seen the monster scene.