Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hopkins, Ellen


Genre: drugs

Series: Crank

This is book 2 in the series.

Crank.  Glass.  Ice.  Crystal. Whatever you call it, it's all the same: a monster. And once it's got hold of you, this monster will never let you go.

Kristina thinks she can control it. Now with a baby to care for, she's determined to be the one deciding when and how much, the one calling the shots. But the monster is too strong, and before she knows it, Kristina is back in its grips. She needs the monster to keep going, to face the pressures of day-to-day life. She needs it to feel alive.

Once again the monster takes over Kristina's life and she will do anything for it, including giving up the one person who gives her the unconditional love she craves -- her baby.


Jessie said...

i only read half of the book the half that i read was really good i read it every night i didn't want to stop reading. I think if you like true stories this book is good for you.And i was never bored.

Anonymous said...

wow! is all i really can say about this book and if your looking for an intresting book let me tell you that this book will keep you wanting more and more and more i truely almost started crying when i read that last word on the last page i was literatly fighting for the next book :) read this book its AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous said...

This book glass was just another story on the girls life like crank. She got in with the wrong people in this book and got even more bad off and her mother kicked her out without her baby.She stayed on drugs and then she quit her job to go selling Crank for a living. This book was amazing book. i give this 10 outta 10 stars.

Anonymous said...

this book was amazing it was the 2nd book of the crank series. the girl got in with the wrong people and moved out of her moms house and went and lived with her boyfriends cousin and was babysitter to his kids. and she left her own baby at her moms house. her mom refused to let her have the baby back until she got clean and she filed for full custody of her daughters baby.