Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Baby-Sitter

Stine, R. L.

The Baby-Sitter: Books I and II

Genre: Horror

Series: Point Horror

This has the first two books of the Baby-Sitter stories.

Jenny just wanted to make a little extra cash. And baby-sitting seemed like the perfect solution. How hard could it be? Play with the kids, sing them a lullaby, put them to sleep...But Jenny had it all wrong. The house is dark and creaky. The crank calls are terrifying. And there is a strange man lurking just outside. Someone knows Jenny is baby-sitting. He knows that the baby is asleep. That Jenny is all alone. And now he's coming for he

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Anonymous said...

This book was one of the best books I have ever read. It has everything in it you suspect from a horror book. Such as, thriller, keeping you on the egdes of your seats and most of all the rising action. The Babysitter is a great book to read and i reconmened it to anyone! Also, my favorite part of the whole book was finding out who the man was coming around sneaking around trying to scare Jenny. I was in totally shock when I found out
-mackenzie cates.