Saturday, August 23, 2008


Meyer, Stephanie

Genre: Horror

The protagonist, Bella, moves to live with her father (her parents are divorced) and falls in love with a student at her school - which she finds out is a vampire.

There is a movie being made about this book. The movie's web site is:


Unknown said...

twilght is a book about a girl who is going to live with her dad in forks washionton at first she is not happy to be ther but she does not want to be with her mom and new steep dad traveling.she meets a boy and has this instent conection with him she looks for him day after day but he hasent been in school for like two weeks.when he comes back he is a total diffrent person and she likes this even more he stats to show his liking too.bell hears old ledgens about how edwards family is vampirs and how jacob blacks family is werewolfs.soon enough she finds out that they are not just ledgens and gets her self cought in a bind.meanwhile her and edward fall madly in love. other vampires find them one evning and sence that bell is humman trys to kill her. of corse edward trys to protect her runs off to were bellas mom had setaled at bella gets a phon call and it is from the bad vampire he tells her that he has her mom hostage and if she ever wants to see her again she has to come by herself to this old vacant dace place when she arives it was all a joke he had one of her moms old homemad movies and he tryed to kill bella edward comes and saves the day.they tell people that she feel down a flit of steeps and out a window.bella and edward continu with there wird love.

shiquesha said...

the book twilight is like other books that i read for a coupla of months but this book is the most romance book ever i love the book and the movie twilght but the movie is different from the book because the movie had more details than the book it make the movie had more exciting part than the book itself